Our Campaign

Our Purpose

We aim to raise awareness through our campaign for people to receive faster diagnosis, the best treatments available and an improved patient experience.

Our objectives are:

  • Raise awareness of cholesteatoma with the public and ENT consultants
  • Identify areas for improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of cholesteatoma

This will be delivered by:

  • Collecting activity data on ENT consultants at every UK NHS hospital
  • Attending relevant conferences to raise awareness with ENT consultants
  • Creating member surveys to understand issues and impact of cholesteatoma on individuals
  • Creating posters for members to take to their local ENT and Audiology departments

UK Activity Data

We are aiming to have UK national data ready by the Spring of 2016 to help inform our campaign strategy.

The data will show us:

  • The number of people with cholesteatoma (adults and children)
  • The prevalence of cholesteatoma (how common it is)
  • The number of identified people actively receiving treatment in the last year
  • The number (and percentage) of all UK NHS hospitals that have a KTP laser
  • The proportion of surgery where the patient is discharged the same day compared to an overnight stay
  • The percentage of hospitals with less than five patients, and the percentage with less than twelve patients
  • The percentage of ENT consultants who carried out less than twelve cholesteatoma related procedures in the last year
  • The number of BAHA operations, and hearing bone reconstruction operations last year
  • The proportion of hospitals using CT compared to MRI to diagnose cholesteatoma

Visit our page on  ENT Consultant Mapping. 

Attending Conferences

There are two main conferences for ENT consultants in the UK:

  • BACO:  British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology is the leading ENT conference in the UK and are held every three years – the last one was in June 2015. The next conference is in 2018.
  • CHOLE: The Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery is held every four years. The next conference is in Scotland in June 2016.

We aim to attend these conferences to network with ENT consultants. We would like to find consultants interested in supporting the International Cholesteatoma Association and to raise awareness of the patient perspective of living with cholesteatoma. We will work collaboratively to discover the latest research and raise awareness of support aspect of the International Cholesteatoma Association and website.


Please download our posters and take to their local ENT and Audiology Departments. By doing this you can raise awareness of the symptoms of cholesteatoma and urge patients to discuss symptoms with their consultant. It will also raise awareness of the International Cholesteatoma Association and its support functions and information resources on the website.

Cholesteatoma Poster 1
Cholesteatoma Poster 2